Review: Bobby

Bobby, short story by copycatgirl (2169 words)

Trans people are usually desperate for any kind of portrayal. (Seriously, Birdo?) What’s even rarer is portrayal of closeted transfolk. That place where you know who you are, but telling anybody else your own name is trusting them with your life, and you keep waiting for it all to crash down. It’s kind of a sad life, so this is kind of a sad story.

Bobby is the story of a young trans girl who lives as a boy at home and as a girl with her best friend. Bobby’s characterization is one of the best I’ve seen, and the grey, gloomy tone matching her mood makes her feel even more like a real person. Yet everything she does, says, or thinks hits right home as trans experience. Forget the transformation montages and the magical surgery, this is what being trans feels like.

Go read this thing.

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