I never MetaMed I didn’t like

Full disclosure: I work for MetaMed.

MetaMed is a personalised medicine company. Personalised medicine is basically what it says on the tin: recommending the best tests and treatments for you-yes-you as opposed to the generic abstracted Platonic form of a patient with your diagnosis. (I don’t understand Platonic forms.)

The cool stuff MetaMed points at and says “We be that.” comes in two kinds:

Miracles. Their go-to example is that one lady who got her fingertip severed, found a doctor working with tissue regeneration, and got it regrown. (Okay, those stakes are kinda low, but as proof-of-concept goes that’s a fine miracle.)

Common sense. Things that have been proven to work, and to be easy to implement, but that doctors just ignore out of habit or because they have something better to do than read papers all day. The big example of that is the mirror box for phantom pain. (Bless them, they keep the Semmelweis references to a minimum.)

Dedicated literature-combing could be done by anyone nerdy enough to seek out and understand papers (and anyone not that nerdy won’t be very interested in MetaMed until we get way good at marketing). Okay, and some clever shopping around for the right doctors, which is admittedly harder for an outsider. So it’s most useful to people who are so filthy rich that they value the time to do that research more than $5k. Hurry up and buy that, rich people.

The cool bits are really, really cool. Pour enough money on enough smart people, and you’ll get a miracle. Sorry, I mean an extensive list and in-depth evaluation of all confirmed and potential miracles and Saint Rita‘s home phone number. And then that gives miracles publicity and lots of people pay for them until everyone can afford them and it saves the world.

And boy are there smart people. Most frighteningly smart people I know work at MetaMed, and quite a few I didn’t use to know. Even the other administrivia monkeys have big brains. MetaMed sounds cool on paper, but that’s not enough to turn me into a raving fanboy; I’m fawning because if a bunch of impressively smart people are, joining them sounds sensible. (Unless a bunch of very smart people write anti-MetaMed articles I guess. That hasn’t happened.)

Also, working for a bunch of evidence-based transhumanists means you never need closets. Except the literal kind, if you have clothes or need to go to Narnia or something. But you know what I mean.

In conclusion, wheeee!

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